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The first thing that you need to know before assembling the towers is the ground area. Carefully examine the ground on which you are going to incorporate the network of towers. The things you will need to know are that either the ground is even or uneven, is it slippery in nature etc. Knowing these features will help you to arrange proper security for your workers.

Secondly, check the space available for the scaffolding tower. If you are assembling the scaffolding tower in a very congested room then it is advised that choose the tower of small size. This will increase the level of ease during the construction. Working in congested spaces with huge scaffoldings towers is often the cause of some major accidents.

Be careful about the base of the scaffolding tower. commercial construction. It often happens that the base is not assembled properly and the poor workers have to face serious accidents during the construction of the building. Actually base is the first step during the assembling of the scaffolding tower. So make it as strong as you can. The stronger base will lead towards the stronger structure of the tower.

Adding heights is another major step. You can increase or decrease the height of the tower by using the legs. These legs are added to the existing base to get the desired height. Keep one thing in mind, do not add so many legs that the huge height just falls down due to the imbalance of the base and the legs use. The scaffolding experts say that height of the tower should not be greater than three times of the dimensions of the base which is being used. If you will disturb this balance then the security of your workers and the strength of the scaffolding tower might be at risk.

Use jacks to keep the towers on level. Some people do a really big mistake by adding these jacks to gain the desired height. Well this can be cheap but in the long term it can create a lot of problems. This method of gaining height not only risks the security of the workers but also weakens the structure of the scaffolding tower. Always use the specialized legs for giving the height to the tower.

Some scaffolding towers have the option to add the ladders to them. If you are adding these ladders then be very careful while adding the joints. Weak joints can risk the security as well as the strength of the structure.

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This article was published on 2011/02/05