Scaffolding Towers Assessment: The Speedy 80 Portable Scaffold Tower

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Applying a scaffold tower is usually more protective than applying an ordinary ladder. The risk of a mishap is less, and the platforms will also support more worker, tool and supplies weight. Straightforward to put up and dismantle, scaffolding towers are an essential accessory for tradesmen and homeowners both. The putting up and taking down of a tower is a vital issue and so is the sturdiness of the structure while employed. If you are interested in acquiring an inexpensive scaffold tower to use for light work, continue on and see more details about the Speedy 80 portable tower.

Scaffolding Towers: Regarding the Speedy 80 Portable Tower

Scaffolding towers are typically ranked above ladders, specifically if the task is enormous or complicated. The Speedy 80 scaffolding system is handy, useful, and versatile, plus it is easily erected and dismantled. Maybe the most significant aspect of this tower is that it's authorized by the vital BS1139 Part 3 /HD 1004 Class 3 standard. This indicates that this tower has met the challenge of a group of thorough tests and now can be applied with reliance. One other wonderful trait of the Speedy 80 is its modular nature. It is available in assorted packs, and so you can take the one which benefits your precise purpose. For upcoming applications, you will find it easy just to get one or two more packs, when more height is required.

Scaffolding Towers: Attributes of the Speedy 80 Portable Tower

It takes just one person to erect and dismantle this tower. It's a modular system which has a platform pack, tower base pack and also a tower extension pack. The tower base pack comes with a prepared folding frame unit and 1 platform with a hatch. Lockable castors and diagonal bracing are furnished as well. The platform height is 0.94m, the working height is 3.0m, and the tower itself is 1.75m long x 0.83m wide. This platform carries a heaviest load of 150kg or 23.5 stone. This platform pack contains a toe board kit, a cross bar, plus 4 safety guardrails. The pack also features diagonal bracing and 2 guardrail frames. The tower extension pack comprises 4 lower guardrails, a platform, 2 diagonal braces, 4 stabilisers, a toe board kit, and 2 6-rung ladder frames.

Scaffolding Towers: Several Particulars of the Speedy 80 Portable Tower

It is critical to acknowledge that the British standard for scaffold towers is BS1139: Part 3: 1994 Metal Scaffolding: Specification for prefabrication mobile access and working towers (HD1004). HD1004 was put out by the European Committee for Standardisation in 1992, and serves as the base for a grouping of European standards utilised through 18 different countries. BS1139: Part 3: 1994 is the British derivation of HD1004. In addition, the regulations that govern working at height in the UK, require that access to the platform be by some form of ladder. It is mandatory that the platform include a trapdoor and also equipped with a toeboard. The tower has to contain stabilisers set up to stop it from toppling over.

Speedy 80 scaffolding towers furnish a simple to handle and secure choice to using a ladder for operating at high-up locations.
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Scaffolding Towers Assessment: The Speedy 80 Portable Scaffold Tower

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