Scaffolding Towers Evaluation: The Miniscaff Folding Scaffold Tower

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Scaffolding towers are important adjuncts for many trade, industrial, and even DIY applications. Scaffolding towers are generally a far better (and less dangerous) option compared to a ladder since it is more secure and will support additional weight. Around a industrial or other business atmosphere, such towers make it easy for labourers to go up and down without fear of falling, even if toting materials and supplies. Doing work on a scaffold tower is less exhausting than doing work on a ladder, and also there is not much risk of perilously overextending to reach something. Scaffold towers are equipped with toe boards as well as guardrails which are two other safety measures ladders don't have. Here's some information about a popular model, the Miniscaff folding scaffold tower.

Scaffolding Towers: Regarding the Miniscaff Folding Scaffold Tower

You can enjoy a level of safety on a scaffold tower that you can't with a ladder. The Miniscaff is crafted from steel tubing (with a diameter of 2") and can withstand as much as 275kg on the top platform. The maximum safe working load is the combined weight of the user and any tools or materials being used on the tower. Offered with the Miniscaff is a one-piece foldable toe board set. This tower is especially easy to erect and disassemble, which helps save time and labour. It breaks down into a manageable size that fits easily into an estate car or a small van. For your convenience, the parts are colour coded in blue and red

Scaffolding Towers: Highlights of the Miniscaff Folding Scaffold Tower

The platform of scaffolding towers such as the Miniscaff may be used on its own or elevated with the addition of extra lifts, which will deliver more platform heights. The Miniscaff also meets full conformity with the critical BS1139: Part 6 1994 standard for prefabricated tower scaffolds. It also meets the HD1004 standard (also called BS1139: Part 3 1994). The standards are pan-European - and are established standards that all European countries embrace. The unit includes a folding base, frames, guard rails, hatch decks, horizontal braces, diagonal braces, toe boards, stabilisers, and lockable castors.

Scaffolding Towers: A Few Specifications of the Miniscaff Folding Scaffold Tower

Unlike many other scaffold towers, the Miniscaff is reasonably priced at about £700. It has a 5.6m operating height, a 3.6m platform height, and a length of 1.8m. The tower's narrow width makes it compact and easy to store. It supports a working load of 275kg on each platform (a total of 950kg for each tower). Before constructing the structure, conduct an assessment of each part to determine if it's in operational shape. Swap out any weakened or worn elements. If the tower is compromised while operating on it, don't hesitate - get right off of it. Avoid re-climbing the tower until the damage is remedied. Remember to assemble the tower on ground that is flat, sound, and even. Adjustable legs are built in for levelling. Outriggers ought to be used when needed.

Scaffolding towers including the Miniscaff present a safe work at height remedy.

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Scaffolding Towers Evaluation: The Miniscaff Folding Scaffold Tower

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This article was published on 2011/04/25