Scaffolding Towers Review: The Popular Mini Fold Model

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Scaffolding towers are commonly used and extremely safe ways to do jobs at high elevation. No matter if you are an determined house owner with a number of do-it-yourself tasks, or a busy craftsman that has long line of duties to perform, implementing a scaffolding tower is a terrific way to speed up the work. But scaffold towers are designed with their very own group of intrinsic elements and operations which you should know about. Safety is of the essence also. Here's some information about working safely on scaffold towers, and about a popular model called the "mini fold."

Regarding the Mini Fold Scaffold Tower

This is a scaled-down version of the scaffold towers commonly found in industrial and trade environments. It is really light in weight, but still a resilient structure that is great for a solitary user. This mini fold tower is suitable also where there is a tight area to work in. Actually, numerous people believe that a mini tower is more steady, more safe, and more convenient to use than a regular step ladder. If you are implementing this kind of tower, it is significant to assure that it is set up on solid and level surfaces. See the maker's instruction guide to verify the safe working height and make sure not to go beyond this.

Aspects of the Mini Fold Scaffold Tower

This tower can be used indoors or outdoors, but never use sheeting on it, or use it in high winds. The work area measures 1.50m x .70m and the tower has six different platform heights. There are four 5" locking castors and you can purchase a guardrail pack individually. this tower can fold down compactly and store away in a caravan or fit neatly in a roof rack. Though the tower is deceivingly easy to relocate and set up, it's crucial to comply with all proposed safety rules. For example, when indicated, always install outriggers or stabilisers according to the manufacturer's instructions. Never put an excess of weighty equipment on the tower; also, don't utilize the tower for lifting up supplies.

Just a Few Particulars of the Mini Fold Scaffold Tower

Mini fold scaffold towers normally will carry an KD1004 Class 3 rating. HD1004 is widely known as BS139: Part 3 which is the European standard which applies to assembled mobile access industrial duty towers. It doesn't pertain to domestic duty towers. HD1004 is used in 18 different EU countries, and although not a legal requirement, is a feature to look for when buying or using a scaffolding tower. This mini fold tower can carry an upper limit load of 150kg and it is constructed from light but sturdy aluminium. It is 1.5 in length with an open height of 1.7m. This particular industrial quality tower is equipped with locking castors for added security. It has a weight of 32kg and a width of .7m. Its platform height is 1.7m, and this tower has a price tag of roughly £270.

When properly used, scaffolding towers such as the mini fold are really secure. It is important, though, to use it responsibly. You should be alert also that particular climatic conditions, like forceful rain and strong winds will weaken it.

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Scaffolding Towers Review: The Popular Mini Fold Model

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This article was published on 2011/03/29