Scaffolding Towers Synopsis: The Saturn Galvanised Steel Tower

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To carry out industrial and trade projects at heights, scaffolding towers usually are preferable. Towers are quite stable, and generally can support a much greater weight of workers, tools and materials. If this tower is being used in an outside location and it is manufactured from steel, there may be a problem with decomposition. One solution is to galvanise the steel. This is a chemical procedure in which the steel is covered with different layers of zinc; this doesn't deteriorate. The steel parts of the Saturn scaffolding tower are immersed in zinc which has been melted, the chemical reaction will merge the zinc and steel together. This is not a coating -- the zinc permanently and chemically becomes part of the steel by way of a reaction between the iron molecules in the steel and the zinc. Even though the top portion is constructed with zinc, the underlying layers are made from a blend of iron and zinc securing the steel underneath them. Galvanised steel is really defiant to corrosion and decay, rendering it terrific for projects outdoors. Here's some information about a galvanised steel scaffold tower with the unlikely name of "Saturn."

Scaffolding Towers: About the Saturn Galvanised Steel Tower

This is an exceedingly excellent quality tower built from pre-galvanised steel with an unconstrained 5 year service warranty. Its steel tubing is really durable, having a 38mm diameter, and also a 16 gauge wall thickness. This means the wall thickness is actually 1.59mm. Saturn scaffolding towers have a good range of optional accessories, such as castors, stabilisers, internal ladders, and trapdoor platforms, so users can devise customised solutions for their particular work at height applications. The most commonly used frame size is 4' x 4' but a variety of sizes are out there on the market.

Scaffolding Towers: Aspects of the Saturn Galvanised Steel Tower

The Saturn tower is particularly simple to carry and store due to the fact that you can break it down into a small packagethis includes the platform boards. The tower comes in kit form with everything you'll need, including frame, diagonal braces, handrails and base plates. Elective accessories entail castors for making the tower easily transportable, as well as stabilisers or outriggers so that the tower will be sturdy at platform heights which are more than 12 feet and 6 inches. The adjustable base allows the tower to be safely erected on sloping or uneven ground. You can acquire the platform whenever you get your Saturn tower; or you can build them yourself relying on the provided measurements.

Scaffolding Towers: A Few Specs in Regards to the Saturn Tower

The platform height is 6ft0, and the approximate working height is about 12ft. The tower weighs 44kg and sells for about 156.00. The tower's safe working load is 250kg, provided it's evenly distributed and suitable platform material is employed. A special characteristic of this tower is its safety guardrails. The guardrails are a full 3ft high and double level. This means the users will be secured by the guardrails even if they should sit or kneel on the platform.

Saturn scaffolding towers are meticulously designed and built for ensuring secure work at heights.
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Scaffolding Towers Synopsis: The Saturn Galvanised Steel Tower

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